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There has never been a more important time to embrace culture, the arts and our heritage. In such dark times as we find ourselves, the need for self expression will be on the rise everywhere. 


Heritage provides many opportunities to explore the relationship between cultural heritage and cultural tourism. The concept of the sustainability of cultural heritage along with the economic benefits of tourism are taking root. The combination of these two can be a powerful economic driver; but only if managed in a way that benefits living communities.


The global wealth of traditions is one of the principal motivations for travel, with tourists seeking to engage with new cultures and to experience the global variety of performing arts, handicrafts, rituals and cuisines. The cultural interaction spurred by such encounters prompts dialogue, builds understanding, and fosters tolerance and peace. Fostering the responsible use of this living heritage for tourism purposes can generate employment, alleviate poverty, curb rural flight migration, and nurture a sense of pride among communities.


Tourism offers a powerful incentive for preserving and enhancing intangible cultural heritage, since the revenue it generates can be channelled back into initiatives to aid its long-term survival. Intangible cultural heritage must be thoughtfully managed if it is to flourish in an increasingly globalized world. Only true partnerships between communities and the tourism and heritage sectors, built on a genuine appreciation for the aspirations and values of all parties, can ensure its survival. The Zamani role is to facilitate these interactions and to provide a working framework that allows physical heritage to be Regenerated in context to the culture of today, not just for visitors but for a cultural renaissance for the youth and local communities creating pride and jobs for future generations.

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Zanzibar has one of the most unique cultures of any nation anywhere in the world- with its rich heritage and very diverse cultures. Forging a mixture of Bantu, Indian, Chinese, Persian, Arab, Omani, Portuguese, British, American, French and many others into the Zanzibar Swahili Culture of today. Represented here in by the Dhow Countries Music Academy.

Zamani work with the academy to secure donor support to enable the continuation of education and promotion of Zanzibari Musical heritage. The academy so far has had over 1800 students and has a team of 22 teachers. We hope with support to enable the academy to become self sufficient, and continue to keep this vital part of Swahili Culture alive.

Zamani proudly supports and promotes all cultures and works to enable communities to retain their heritage and share this with the world, be it language, music, poetry, art or monuments. All are equally important not only as a testament to the history of people but also a cultural renaissance creating pride and employment for future generations.

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