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For decades tourism industry growth has been a major contributor to increased economic activity throughout the world. It has created jobs in both large and small communities and is a major industry for many destinations. It is the dominant economic activity in some communities. Yet, the impacts of tourism to a community are not widely understood – even where tourism is growing dramatically and should be of the greatest interest or concern. Most people think of tourism in terms of economic impacts, jobs, and taxes. However, the range of impacts from tourism is broad and often influences areas beyond those commonly associated with the sector. Leaders need to appreciate the potential impacts of tourism to integrate the industry into their community in the most positive way. Understanding that tourism development will result in many and complex impacts requires government, the tourism industry, and communities  work cooperatively and carefully to plan for its growth and development.


Effective Destination Planning will help create an industry that enhances a community with minimal costs and disruptions in other aspects of community life. Having broad community involvement and embracing different perspectives during planning helps identify and resolve concerns that would otherwise create problems later and leads to a sustainable, resilient, self-reliant sector. This is especially the case in emerging economies that tend to have unique but very fragile eco-systems, poverty and conservative, sensitive cultures. 


In such environments, that now need to rely on a smaller volume of tourists, the model needs to be toward High yield Low Impact visitors who are responsible and sensitive to the local people and their environment.

  • Develop a phasing and implementation schedule through identification of Trigger Projects and priorities for action

  • Produce a framework for regeneration and Strategic National Storyboard to attract private sector investment and institutional donor & soft loan funding

  • Actively raise Foreign Direct Investments under balanced portfolio funding for a Transformative Development programme

  • Conceptualize and shape the three-dimensional urban environment.

  • Define public, semiprivate, and private spaces for public amenities.

  • Determine the mix of uses and their physical relationship including zoning.

  • Engage the local community and act as builder of consensus.

  • Destination Positioning and Planning

  • Destination Branding and Marketing Promotional Campaign Management

  • Development of Destination Digital Platform and Portal interface

  • Providing the Delivery Unit and integrated frame work to pull the entire destination strategy and Project Programme management together

  • Single source Procurement Management & Open Book Tendering

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