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Effective Programme Management is when there is a fully integrated multi-disciplinary and multi-sector project approach that is supported across all public and private stakeholders. A higher decision making roadmap, aligning strategies with a holistic eye that enables also agriculture, fishery, land and ocean conservancy along with education and continues on-the-ground coordination and capacity building to insure sustainable change is possible. This can happen through integrated Public Private Participation models with appropriate legislation and proper governance, which enables private capital and

lifts the dependency from loans and donors.


The Zanzibar National Spatial Strategy (ZNSS) sets the directions and the strategy for economic and spatial development of the Island. It evolves around Special Planning Zones, identified as such for their Cultural, Environmental  or economic importance, enhancing the conditions of the Communities around them with Education, Healthcare, Agribusinesses, Manufactory.


Enhancing Governance to Create an Impact: The coordination among the different Government Sectors and donors involved facilitates project implementation and keeps Risks under control. This creates a fertile environment for PPPs and other Private Financed Initiatives.


Facilitating project implementation using Sector Delivery Units, deployed locally, ensuring Quality, Cost and Risk Control from the Central Delivery Unit.


Communication Management and Information System to ensure Business Continuity in all situation and clarity of information among Team Members, Virtual Teams, Stakeholders and Investors. 

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