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Zamani was a vision established at the turn of the century registered in Muscat Oman with an Office in Zanzibar, Tanzania, bringing from across the globe specialists in the field of Heritage, Architecture, Tourism, Conservation, Marketing and Programme Management as well as our partners in Medical, Economics, Education, Infrastructure and Development.

Operating as a public private partnership in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and Stone Town, Zanzibar. Zamani specializes in providing Government with a Tourism Masterplan and Development Roadmap with integrated balanced Funding Programme and Programme Management System to provide significantly improved capability and build capacity around sustainable tourism development, heritage regeneration, integrated communities, culture and conservation. ​


All committed to improving the socio-economic conditions of many people who still live in poverty. Using Disruptive Change, innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth as the key drivers which requires a clarity of strategy at national level, inclusion of all communities integrated with private sector engagement under a Collaborative Partnership.​

Zamani is a leader in building sustainable tourism sectors through heritage regeneration and tourism master planning and development. Our strategy is to work with local communities, mandated governmental partners, institutions and the private sector to coordinate multiple projects and funding sources for vastly improved impact of aggregated financing with significantly improved economies of scale to generate increased revenues and achieve economic sustainability. Zamani supports the priorities of local communities while creating a global marketplace for a community or nation state in accordance to the UN SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals- 2015>2030).​

We focus on TOURISM as the catalyst for change; creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, conservation, environment, heritage and culture through integrated planning and to secure improved socio-economic conditions for investment growth to eradicate poverty.

Our methodology is applied across every project so the delivery for lasting transformative change is a national reality: integrated Quadruple Bottom Line- the 4 P’s- Purpose, People, Planet, Prosperity and we raise the funding with government over the long term under a mandated Public Private Partnership, working only with locals and those individuals and partners who are passionately committed to the countries in which we operate.

Zamani Key Goals
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