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Covid 19



The immediate to medium-term impact on Zanzibar, from a socio-economic perspective, is very substantial for a nation so heavily reliant on the Tourism industry.

2020 was set to be the best year for Zanzibar in terms of Tourism growth. Direct and indirect employment of +-100,000 jobs, GDP Contribution of +- 35% from direct and indirect revenues and growing at +-10% per annum and responsible for +80% of Foreign Exchange and private investments- all of which is in collapse.

Even when nations globally come to terms with the Pandemic and begin to open borders, the impact in those source markets, from the effects of their own socio-economic upheaval, will have a direct impact on Zanzibar’s tourism sector.

There will be virtually no international tourists for the balance of 2020 and greatly reduced discretionary leisure travel for all of 2021 and likely large part of 2022 with significant drop in private sector investments and asset infrastructure maintenance.The Pandemic will fundamentally change the psychology behind future selection criteria for travellers.


We can expect significant pent-up demand to travel once a new normalcy is in place, but such discretionary choice will be heavily biased toward Safe destinations that are Clean and Secure. Consequently environment, conservation, clean water, good supporting health facilities, good infrastructure and fresh produce will become CORE attributes in the national DNA of any future successful tourism destinations= Risk Free & Green.

The Zamani Zanzibar Resilience Response Programme is based on Building Toward a Brighter Future and using this Reflective Period to push Transformative Development and engage in Education & a Clean-up Zanzibar campaign.

COVID-19 Zanzibar Resilience Response Programme

Impact Activities

Transformative Development

Zanzibar Tourism For All

The Zamani iQBL is one of the main success factors of Zamani Programme Management, essentially integrating the 4 P’s: Purpose, People, Planet & Prosperity before initiating any project .

The Zanzibar Transformative Development Strategy has identified underlying threats, economic development opportunities and the gaps in development planning and funding required for a more assured Sustainable Development Roadmap to insure transformative socio-economic change for the nation. This National Development Vision uses Tourism as a catalyst for change and as the economic engine under our Zamani Zanzibar Tourism For All framework.

The Zamani Resilience Response Programme uses these very difficult times, caused by the Global Pandemic, to stimulate a more POSITIVE message for the people of Zanzibar through progressing with the planned Transformative Development


Roadmap and infrastructure projects so citizens can witness Change taking place in readiness for the eventual emergence as an even stronger more self-reliant people and nation.

This is an area of the world where real sustainable tourism can be the key for shared economic growth, political stability, cultural inclusiveness alongside preservation of single identities and traditions, equal access to opportunities, conservation of natural heritage and where it can be the driver to fight poverty and boost shared prosperity. 

The wider Zanzibar Transformative Development Programme is being re-aligned to combat the effects of the Pandemic and broaden the capabilities within communities and government over the next 2 years. This is a disruptive moment in time where nations and importantly individuals across the world are truly connected, even in isolation, as one- all facing the same threats. It is time for affirmative reflection of our connected values and to unite under a campaign of actionable steps for a more positive future; education for all, inclusiveness, national wellbeing, prosperity and the environment.

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1. People - Community



Need to follow WHO standards for safety particularly around social distancing and protection of self and others. Zanzibar medical service is under serious pressure without the additional impact from Corona.


1. Community Protection

Zamani Zanzibar Resilience Programme is setting up Production of face masks locally for the general population. This will provide communities with a DIY Kit producing +-10,000 masks daily. The masks will be made out of washable local materials with colours of Zanzibar to reflect a responsible destination and positive responsible image.


One primary action to prevent wide spread infection across the general population, of any virus, is the use of face masks. With very limited access to manufactured masks Zanzibar requires localised production of simple washable material masks that can be easily produced. These are based on the #Masks4All movement and being produced under the Zamani Resilience Response Unit in Zanzibar.

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2. Emergency Testing 3. Hospital Front Line Protection


2 .  Emergency Testing   3.   Hospital Front Line Protection

The urgent priority for Zanzibar is to receive Corona Virus Testing equipment which is not available on the island. In addition to EFFECTIVE Protection Equipment for Doctors and Nurses.

The Zamani Resilience Response Team, includes our professional medical partners from MBS Health Group and MeduProf-S from the Netherlands.


Our programme will include the set-up of 5 x 3D Ultimaker 2 Printers for the production of Protective Face Shields that cover the eyes, nose and mouth allowing effective front-line protection and Including body gowns.

In addition to two Covid-19 Samba II Testing machines that also can be calibrated to test for HIV and other Viruses, plus 10 mobile Oxygen units for use to help prevent use of Ventilation Machines.

The most critical requirement in the combat of the virus is Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).


One of the primary actions to prevent wide spread infection across the general population, of any virus, is the use of face masks. With very limited access to manufactured masks Zanzibar requires localised production of simple washable material masks that can be easily produced.


These are based on the #Masks4All movement and being produced under the Zamani Resilience Response Unit in Zanzibar.


4. Education & Hospitality 

4. Free Education For All

Zanzibar has provided hospitality services for hundreds of years- resulting in a uniquely warm and hospitable people. This period should be used to engage the out-of-work and the employed to provide education training & raise to the highest of world standards.



ZAMANI has established a collaborative Educational Services Platform for Zanzibar with the world-leading COURSERA Institute along with other Learning Agencies familiar with Zanzibar such as MeduProf-S.

This will provide everyone in Zanzibar access to; online certified courses, English language courses, health and safety, attitude learning, hygiene, training modules, live cookery schools, housekeeping, ITC, marketing, promotions, media, planning, programme management, conservation and the environment. Including rural self-reliance in food and nutrition and general family care & wellbeing.

The Zamani FREE Coursera Educational Platform will cover courses for both the private and public sectors to insure more integrated and collaborative building blocks for a higher quality Hospitality Service Delivery when the tourism markets return.

Building toward a High Yield Low Impact Tourism Model that is more sustainable for the fragile resources of Zanzibar


The Education Programme is designed with leading online learning specialists to support Zanzibar, at this critical juncture, to develop a culture of learning.


To base this culture around the developing economic engines for the nation and to build capacity around Job Creation for a more efficient Service based industry with a Workforce able to deliver improved service standards and be more resilient to shocks and upheaval. Developing self-reliance as a people and nation through a collaborative PPP.

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5. Environment 

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5. Environment

Zanzibar needs to use this reflective time to clean-up Unguja, actively engaging the private sector and local communities for Building Toward A Brighter Tourism Future and healthier environment for All. To plan with all stakeholders a more collaborative and stronger legislation and governance for ongoing management & protection.

Zamani Resilience Project Team will be working with all stakeholders including Ministry of Information Heritage and Tourism to formulate an ongoing “Clean Zanzibar” campaign. Covering urban, rural and coastal areas and to put in place supporting legislation for ongoing Waste Management and Recycling protocols. The Environment will be a critical factor in selection of future destinations to visit and is part of the “safe to travel to” list for when the visitors will return.

Zanzibar has one of the worlds most unique eco-systems which needs to be a lasting legacy for all future generations.

The Clean Zanzibar campaign will be based on 164 day events organised by the Resilience Response Unit and to essentially collect rubbish, plastics etc across Unguja and Pemba. A well organised programme that promotes the Purpose and long-term benefits for a healthy environment leading to a healthy community also ties into the future Tourism Brand Values of the national DNA.


Future destinations will be sought by travellers that can demonstrate a respect for the environment and where CLEAN will be a psychological decision making criteria for the foreseeable future. This is an example where using Tourism as a Catalyst for Change under the- Tourism For All agenda directly benefits local communities regardless of their direct involvement in the tourism sector. The programme will create 288 Clean Days of 28,800 people days up to end 2020. Authorities will arrange for daily news coverage of the entire programme with stakeholders working alongside community volunteers and officials from Government and media.

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6. Conservation 


6. Conservation

The Flora, Fauna and Marine world of Zanzibar is unique; corals unaffected by bleaching, one of the richest and pristine seas on our planet, white sands, mangrove forests, red colobus monkeys, rare Aider’s duiker in a fragile environment under threat. This is an essential element of the future CORE brand attributes of the nation and should be urgently protected.

Zamani is working with all stakeholders and government authorities to develop a more robust legislative framework for improved effective PPP governance and using this Reflective Phase to establish the future framework with a plan to protect wildlife and marine life including Conservation Educational Programmes and courses for certification of rangers and guides. 

The Resilience Response Unit will be setting up a Conservation Platform for stakeholders to promote best world practice and standards for system & management.

The Conserve Zanzibar campaign, organised with Government and the Resilience Response Unit, will be to create increased awareness, within the communities of Zanzibar, of the importance to preserve and conserve the natural habitat and protect the nations unique Flora, Fauna and Marine world. It will be CRITICAL over the next two years to work closely with all communities to engender appreciation of how natures assets will benefit communities future living standards. The Pandemic will otherwise create understandable threats to forest and mangrove cutting as log burning for fuel and over fishing and increased poaching as a food source. The programme will also be linked to the Education Programme and daily media coverage with Government and positive stories from the Guides and Rangers. This will include proper certification of Tourist guides and Rangers with more effective Governance of legislated Protected Zones and wildlife with best international standards being deployed. In addition to an online practice of learning for improved farming and crops around nutrition for a healthy community during these difficult times with a large sector of the Work Force unemployed.

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7. Community Hubs 

7. Community Hubs

Zanzibar National Spatial Strategy (ZNSS) identifying Special Planning Zones (SPZ) for a tourism integrated supply-chain through agriculture, farming, blue economy, marine and land conservancy, waste management through closed-loop systems, endangered species protection around sustainable tourism development goals and community EMPOWERMENT.

The network positions the hubs in a way that is supported by the strategy produced for ZNSS in terms of spacial development.


All the satellite hubs coincide with the identified Tourism For All (Community/Hotels: In Country Value) creating integrated socio-economic community Hubs.


These Hubs will also include; Integrated Agriculture and farming, Health and Education, Waste Management and Recycling. The infrastructure will be put in place over this Reflection Phase in readiness for the return of Tourism.


The Zanzibar Integrated Economic Community Hub programme is based on creating greater Community Inclusiveness within the supply-chain of the hospitality sector so that the derived benefits from tourism can benefit ALL. Through effective zoning of primary communities, who are currently marginalised, around Hospitality Clusters, to stimulate a new collaborative model which will help drive job creation in the rural communities with shared benefits in readiness for when tourism returns to the island. Currently over 88% of the hospitality industry’s daily consumables are imported with little benefit to the citizens of Zanzibar and especially so within the rural community where their precious resources, such as access to clean water, is under threat. Hence why the Zanzibar national agenda is- Tourism For All. 

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8. Culture


8. Culture

Zanzibar has one of the most unique cultures of any nation anywhere in the world- with its rich heritage and very diverse cultures. Forging a mixture of Bantu, Indian, Chinese, Persian, Arab, Omani, Portuguese, British, American, French and many others into the Zanzibar Swahili Culture of today

Reflected in its people across language, traditions, faiths, foods, art and music- Zanzibar portrays a true living heritage that is authentic and timeless. Being at the cross-roads of trade for millennia the Zanzibari are a warm and welcoming people. Our Resilience Response Programme aims to engage with these elements in society to support continuing education and skill-set training with Connected Podcasts around the world and to use this Reflective Time to promote Brand Zanzibar Culture in its most positive light.

Dhow Countries Music Academy is the only music school in Zanzibar. It preserves and promotes music heritage of Zanzibar the “dhow region” which include countries along the shores of the Indian Ocean and the Arab Gulf such as Zanzibar, Comoros, Oman and India. Particular emphasis is being placed on teaching traditional music styles, such as taarab, kidumbak and ngoma. The DCMA is proud to be the guardians of a living cultural heritage and proud to keep the musical heritage of Zanzibar and the “dhow region”. The Academy is under serious threat and relies entirely on sponsorship and critical at this time to bring the joys of Zanzibar Music as well the arts, dance, design and performing arts to the world to see and to be an outlet for expression for the Zanzibari people and to build Pride of the Nation Identity.

9. Branding

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9. Branding

Zanzibar should use this time of reflection to define the Brand DNA of its destination. Building on its core national attributes of People & Place and to promote to the world what are the distinguishing features of the Nation

The building blocks for Brand and Marketing Development has already started prior to the Global Pandemic, including engagement of all stakeholders with public and private sectors.


The Zamani Resilience Response Programme will formulate an Interactive Tourism Stakeholders Brand Platform to be the catalyst of ideas and forum for promotion under the chairmanship of Hon. Minister Information, Tourism and Heritage. Including a digital distribution network for social and media campaigns with interactive online podcasts promoting the tourism development activities for a Welcome to Zanzibar and building toward a stronger and more global Friends of Zanzibar campaign.

Zanzibar has now setup the Tourism For All Brand & Marketing Committee, which includes leaders from the private sector tourism and hospitality community, conservation with NGO’s and the Public sector coordinated by Zamani. This followed the very successful Tourism For All Tourism Exhibition and first time such a collaborative platform had been created. During this time and for the next couple of years it is critical to raise the level of dialogue between all stakeholders and to build toward a more resilient and responsive Tourism Industry with a clarity of vision. The Competitive Global environment from a tourism perspective will increase exponentially and nations who are so reliant on Tourism as an economic driver MUST be well prepared to be successful. It is a Reflective Time that requires transparency with all working together toward a more sustainable industry and nation.

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10. Communication

10. Communication


Government needs to share information with the public, guide the behaviour & narrative to help tackle the emergency and to reinsure citizens, residents and investors of the actions being taken with private sector and communities to build toward an even stronger and more resilient nation. Focusing on a regenerated image that will attract future visitors under Tourism For All 

The platform will provide a solid telecommunication network, which should be accessible ideally by everybody at all levels. It will provide the Ministries with ability to INFORM its citizens of the national plans to combat the Pandemic along with longer term developments to provide economic security and resilience as a nation.


Connectivity allows quick information sharing, management of virtual teams and capacity building through on-line professional development initiatives. The Communication Channel will also link to the other 10 actions being taken daily across Zanzibar in readiness for a Brighter Future.

The above platform will provide a solid telecommunication network, which should be accessible ideally by everybody at all levels. It will provide the Ministries with ability to INFORM its citizens of the national plans to combat the Pandemic along with longer term developments to provide economic security and resilience as a nation. Connectivity in EMDEs is very important, even where informal economies are in place, use of simple technologies like mobile phones has allowed simple food security or starvation relief projects or unlocking microcredit for community initiatives. E-Bartering platforms can also be used when access to cash is limited. Connectivity allows quick information sharing, management of virtual teams and capacity building through on-line professional development initiatives. The Communication Channel will also link to the other 10 actions being taken daily across Zanzibar in readiness for a Brighter Future.

Help Support Zanzibar

Zamani Development Network is a non profit organisation registered in Zanzibar and working with Government to implement the Zanzibar Resilience Response Programme. This is to provide Zanzibar and the tourism industry with the tools to not only combat the Covid-19 pandemic but also to work together to build toward a brighter and more sustainable future.   Zanzibar is heavily reliant on Tourism that has collapsed leaving devastation across communities, the hospitality sector and nation with impact lasting for at least the next 24 months.  Action is needed NOW and WE need to take action to protect and support the communities; provide education, training, better health conditions, protecting the environment and developments to build towards a brighter, sustainable future free from poverty.

​Your donation will go directly to implementing this Resilience Programme, providing education, jobs, medical equipment and supplies, protecting and promoting culture and help to provide the tools needed to drive the Islands forward during the Covid 19 Pandemic, afterwards and beyond.

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